Advance Care Planning

(ACP) is a process of communication that helps individuals

  • Understand their choices for future healthcare;

  • Identify the most appropriate person to serve as the Patient Advocate;

  • Reflect on personal goals, values, religious, or cultural beliefs; and

  • Talk to physicians, Patient Advocates, and other loved ones.

The goals of Advance Care Planning (ACP) are to:

  •  Equip loved ones and Patient Advocates with the tools and information necessary to properly handle healthcare wishes and decisions in the event of a medical crisis;

  • Create specific instructions that reflect informed decisions, documented on an Advance Directive or MI-POST document; and

  • Have these plans available to healthcare providers so they can be incorporated into medical decisions.

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Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment Public Act 154 (2017)

helping michigan organizations and communities respect the healthcare wishes of those they serve!

HHC-MI collaborated with organizations across the state in developing a training and education model for ACP.  The focus of this work consists of program development, identification and design of key processes, quality improvement, Respecting Choices© Facilitator Certification and other best practices.  This model allows healthcare and community-based organizations to coordinate the work effort required to create an ACP system in their community, using the tools that are appropriate for the goals and the populations they serve.  The program options include:

  • tools that yield sustainable and desired changes in outcomes by using self-reflection of current workflow,
  • new design and implementation planning,
  • process and consultation time adhering to outcome based mastery education,
  • onsite meeting and training time,
  • development guidance of advance directives meeting the State of Michigan statutory requirements; and
  • the supported use of Michigan Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (MI-POST).

The HHCMI ACP model meets communities and organizations where they are.  Building upon existing foundations while adding strength and breadth to those programs seeking a change. 

​The customized approach allows leaders with differing goals and of various services within a community to work together.  HHCMI has the experience to provide you with guidance for successful implementation, services based on needs, and the confidence to support persons making choices for their own future healthcare.  Offering individuals ACP opportunities in the communities we live and work in establishes a common language that brings dignity and hope for the future.    

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